Our Cheeses

We produce four own cheeses and mature an imported emmentaler. Many cheese lovers hearts have melted for these products.

The Dairy

We brought new life to the old Tenhola dairy, which once was the second largest cheese producer in Finland.


We organize guided tours in the dairy and the cheese factory for groups interested in the history and cheese production of today.


Friman´s General Store sells exclusively our cheese products. You can find just about anything else there, too.

The Tenala Cheese
An Emmentaler cheese that is processed by salting and maturing in the Tenhola dairy. Perfect for cheeseboards and on bread.
A young, creamy, soft and tasty shaveable delicious cheese.
A longest matured hard cheese with a nutty and rich flavour. An excellent choice for a cheeseboard accompanied with wine.
A fresh and acidic cheese. Our own fig marmalade is the perfect companion.
Grill Cheese
Tenhola´s own version of a lightly salted halloumi cheese. Best served grilled or fried with butter till crispy.

Our Cheeses

We use only local milk from Tenhola. Currently, three different long-matured cheeses are produces with the addition of our version of grilled cheese, the halloumi. The names of our cheese products honor the history of the dairy, for example Steuberger is a tribute to the builder of the dairy. Our crown jewel, the Tenhola cheese, is a processed emmenthaler that has own salting and maturing spaces.

The Dairy

The Tenhola dairy came to life in 2017 in the hands of Per-Olof “Pelle” Friman. It is situated in an old traditional completed building in 1910. The dairy and cheese factory was built by a Swiss Ernst Stäuber, who founded one of Tenhola´s first dairies. In Finland, the dairy was the second largest cheese producer in the 1930s. Valio had its own production in the dairy from the 1950s till 1987.

The various dairy buildings have been slowly and carefully renovated by Pelle. Currently, the cheese factory has been completely renovated with an added cheese cellar and room for group visits.

Guided tours at the cheese factory

Groups are always welcome to visit and learn about the cheese factory. Simultaneously you will get to know the persons making cheese and hear how the astounding idea came about. Remember to book your guided tour well in advance. You can make a reservation by phone or email, either to Pelle or Anne.

During the tour, we can arrange lunch for you in the meeting room of the dairy. Many groups choose to have lunch at our Bakfickan restaurant, connected to our Friman´s General Store.

Friman’s General Store

Friman´s Village Shop is located in Tenhola (Tenala in Swedish) in Uusimaa region. The Jugendstil building was built in 1916 by Sigfrid Skarp. “Villa Skarp” is the ideal location for a traditional old-fashioned grocery. In an authentic Village Shop you find a bit of everything and our selection serves this purpose.

At our cheese counter, you find exclusive delicious cheeses from Tenhola along with cheeses originating from all over Europe. Paired with select own fig, pear and orange marmalades.